Kylie Jenner looks as gorgeous as ever in her first public selfies since giving birth to Stormi Webster, though it could be a while before she foregoes her comfy looking tracksuits. The reality star is finally returning to the limelight after months of protecting her privacy.

Kylie Jenner at the Met GalaKylie Jenner at the Met Gala

The 20-year-old played with her hair and pouted with a full face of make-up while posing for a couple of photos in her car, which she then uploaded on Instagram this week. The shots come days after paparazzi photographed her for the first time since her pregnancy.

She certainly didn't look like she'd been carrying a baby for nine months in the pap shots over the weekend; her belly may have been partially hidden by a fanny pack and a loose jacket but the body beneath looked as lean as ever - and the tight gym pants suggest she knows it.

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Even in her red Adidas tracksuit she managed to look pretty incredible as she went out to Starbucks with her best pal Jordyn Woods; though, of course, it doesn't matter what you wear when you're driving an Aston Martin. With six million likes on the picture it seems fans are thrilled that she's back in the public eye, though she's a long way off from beating the 16 million likes her snap of newborn Stormi got; it's not the most liked picture on Instagram.

Meanwhile, could Kylie be struggling with the pressures of being a young mother? According to a source in Us Weekly, her mother Kris Jenner has been helping out a lot lately, and she's even allegedly hired a baby nurse to aid her in her motherhood journey.

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'Kris has been spending a lot of time at Kylie's house since she came home with Stormi', the source revealed. 'Kylie has been a natural at being a mother. However, it has been overwhelming, and Kylie has relied on Kris during these first days at home with Stormi.'