Kylie Jenner is reportedly at risk of having her G-wagon, given to her as a birthday present by her boyfriend Tyga, as it’s claimed that the rapper has failed to make any payments on the vehicle for months.

A report by TMZ suggests that the 26 year old rapper’s money problems have meant that he’s been unable to keep up with payments since October 2015. As a result, documents obtained by the gossip site claim that repo men will be hunting for the 2013 Mercedes G-Wagon, given to Kylie on her 18th birthday at Nobu last August.

Kylie Jenner TygaKylie Jenner and Tyga pictured in 2015

The documents reportedly name Kylie as the rapper’s girlfriend, and cite an address as a possible place to find the vehicle when they look for it. Sources claim that it’s parked behind two security gates at Kylie’s home in Los Angeles, so the repossession company has thus far been unable to get to it.

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Kylie denied at the time that the car was a birthday gift to her, but she’s been spotted driving it around L.A. on several occasions since. Not for much longer, if these reports are to be believed.

Sources claimed back in August that the car was actually the same one that Tyga had gifted his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna (Kylie’s long-term adversary and the mother of Tyga’s son King Cairo, now dating her half-brother Rob Kardashian), except painted a different colour.

This episode would appear to be the latest in a long line of financial mishaps for the rapper. In September last year, he was hit with demands for overdue taxes to the state of California totalling nearly $120,000, and has in the past faced eviction for non-payment of rent.

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