Kylie Jenner called Caitlyn Jenner ''pretty'' the first time they met.

The 17-year-old reality TV star surprised her father - who was known as Bruce Jenner before her transition to female - by arriving at her Malibu home unannounced for her first face-to-face with Caitlyn.

A new clip from the transgender reality TV star's docuseries 'I Am Cait', shows Kylie exclaiming '''Hey pretty!'' as they meet for the very first time.

Caitlyn was excited by the surprise and embraced Kylie, before saying excitedly: ''Hey baby, I didn't know you were here! Where did you sneak in?''

Before the meeting, Kylie said: ''I do want to meet her. It will be a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but I think we are both ready.''

Speaking during a previous episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', Caitlyn - who was then still known as Bruce - said: ''Kylie's the one we're really worried about. She's having a hard time dealing with this. I do everything I can to try to stay in touch but she doesn't want to talk about it. She's just shut me out lately.''