We all had a few drinks or attended a party or two when we were underage; it's a rite of passage, a cultural norm in most respects. It turns out that even when you're Kylie Jenner and her older, but still underaged sister Kendall Jenner, this beginners leap into adulthood is just as tempting as it is to us mere peons and our younger selves.

Kylie JennerKendall Jenner
Kylie (L) and Kendall Jenner (R) are both way under the 21-year-old age limit

On Tuesday, 15 October, the two arrived at the Vignette Lounge in Los Angeles and were reportedly seen partying with Darren Dzienciol, one of LA's most prominent club night promoters and an employee at the Vignette Lounge. Initial reports from the night state that the club owners and employees had no idea that the Jenner pair were underaged or even in the club, however their supposed friendliness with Dzienciol, according to TMZ, seems to indicate that some employees at the club knew otherwise.

The two were spotted later in the night, again with Darren, as they left the club. Both had coats over their heads, protecting them from the camera lens, however the photos obtained by TMZ seem to show two Jenner sister, or two Jenner doppelgangers. They could have also been masking the fact that they had partaken in some drinking during the night.

As the TMZ report goes on to state, the Jenner sisters apparently blagged their way into the club using fake I.D.'s, adding that the bouncer on the club door had no idea who they were and therefore had no clue that they are underaged. Either that or the club let them in anyway, knowing who the sisters were and what it could do for their club having the Jenners on their dance floor.

So far all attempts to reach the Dzienciol or the Jenner sisters over the incident have been barred.

Kendall and Kylie
The sisters will hopefully get an earful from Kris Jenner or one of their older siblings.