If you ever wondered what it was like to be in a reality star, Kyle Richards of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' has a pretty good explanation. Watching re-runs of the episodes to her feels less like watching a TV show, and more like immersing herself in home movies.

Kyle RichardsKyle Richards loves to travel with the RHOBH girls

It can't possibly be an easy ride getting to star as a 'Real Housewife'. With all the drama, fights, betrayal and breakdowns, it makes you wonder what on earth these women can possibly see in it - let alone how they can tolerate people that are often consistently so unreliable and selfish.

'People always ask me how I can look forward to going on the trips with the girls, but I have to say they are some of the memories I love the most', she explains about her travels. 'I got married and had children so young, so it's nice to be able to do things like that now. We always have fun on the trips away, regardless of if we have some sort of drama and clash.'

Now that the Bravo series is in its second series (and that Kyle has recently divulged a little about what to expect from the yet to be aired reunion episode), she opens up about what it's like to be a reality star. 'We've had seven years of going to interesting places and it's really fun to share it with the other women', she insists. 'It's kind of like watching your own home videos.'

The 48-year-old former actress (and aunt to Paris Hilton) has been on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' since it aired alongside her sister Kim Richards. They have clashed with a number of other stars on the show, notably Brandi Glanville, but most recently the big drama of the series has been Kim's beef with Lisa Rinna. 

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Kyle previously confessed that she felt she had to bring that situation to the table in the forthcoming reunion. 'I feel really anxious about the reunion coming up because I don't really want to bring it up, but she has been so relentless attacking my sister, even on Twitter, so I think I have to bring it up', she shared.

Since she made the comments, the reunion has been filmed and - ahead of its airing - she has admitted that the situation wasn't pretty. In fact, there was a lot of crying and screaming - she basically described it as 'torture'. We'll certainly stay tuned for that.