Actor Kurt Russell is cooking up a very special treat for his longtime partner Goldie Hawn on Valentine's Day - he is planning to wine and dine her at his new New Mexico saloon.

The Tombstone star will be celebrating his 31st anniversary as Hawn's lover on the most romantic day of the year (14Feb14) and he hopes to make the evening memorable.

He tells Wenn, "I'm gonna go to this place called the 1880 Union Hotel in a little tiny town called Los Alamos where I'm opening up a wine saloon. We're opening up the wine saloon section of that hotel. I'm taking Goldie and they're having a big dinner there; it's an eight course meal and part of it will be beef from my ranch and my wines. I'm really heavily into my wines now.

"I really love making wine. I love making Pinot and Chardonnay and we have this great place now to showcase our wines."