First dates are often disappointing and embarrassing, but that was only half-true for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, the latter of whom recently opened up about what went on during their very first evening together. It's safe to say we weren't expecting this story.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn at 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' premiereKurt Russell and Goldie Hawn at 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' premiere

In conversation with Harry Connick Jr. on his talk show last week, the 66-year-old 'Deepwater Horizon' star revealed how he and his wife Goldie Hawn were caught in an intimate clinch by authorities on their very first date together. Fortunately for them, they were not interrogated too much - but the embarrassment would have been enough.

The couple were about to appear in World War II movie 'Swing Shift' in the early eighties, but Kurt was concerned about maybe having to dance in the film alongside a professional mover like Goldie. When Goldie suggested they go out to dance to some swing music, the only place they could find nearby was the infamous Playboy Club - though that didn't turn out to be the most suitable place after all.

'Immediately I was having a great time with this girl', Kurt recalled. 'We left and we both agreed that the night wasn't over yet. And there was no place to dance, there was no place to do this, we never got around to that.'

After that, things got a little more amorous than they expected. 'She was renovating this house that Kate [Hudson - Goldie's daughter] now owns', he continued. 'Anyway, we eventually found our way upstairs looking around at imaginary furniture and we're in the imaginary bedroom now and we're realistically having sex when the police walked in because we had to break in to the place to get in. So the next thing I know, there's a flashlight, and Goldie and I are like, 'What- ?!'.

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'It was bizarre and weird but we were told, I guess, to go get a hotel room which we did', he added. 'That was our first date.'

Well, makes a change from dinner and a movie! And the couple have no been together for 34 years.