The upcoming Jonathan Sobol-directed comedy 'The Art of the Steal' is only weeks away from hitting theatres, but is a story depicting a retired conman reuniting his old gang back together for one last heist something new?

The Art of The Steal
Kurt Russell and Jay Baruchel in 'The Art of the Steal'

The flick is certainly not short of talented actors to pull off the task, as Kurt Russell, Jay Baruchel, Chris Diamantopoulos, Matt Dillon, and Katheryn Winnick star as thieves attempting to score big!

'The Art of the Steal' follows Crunch Calhoun (Russell), a former art thief and successful motorcycle daredevil, who is in a crossroads in his life. Calhoun has garnered a reputation for huge stunts and jumps, but years of daredevil shows have finally caught up with his aging body, so in order to start making more money, he plans to return to a life of crime.

The Art of the Steal
Matt Dillion as 'Nicky' in the upcoming comedy

Crunch then sends out the message that he is ready to "go back to work," and recruits a team of criminal misfit, which includes his half-brother Nicky (Dillon) his forger friend Guy de Cornet (Diamantopoulos) and his new apprentice Francie Tobin (Baruchel).

So what is the heist? The reunited crew target the Gutenberg Bible, the most valuable book in the world, and attempt to switch it with a fake. But as their last score is underway, it becomes clear that there is a betrayer amongst the pack.

Watch the trailer for 'The Art of the Steal' here

The movie first premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, and critics were split on whether it is worth a watch.

Scott Founas of Variety thought it was "a derivative heist thriller-comedy that passes painlessly enough at a brisk 90 minutes, but ultimately feels as disposable as the numerous counterfeit paintings that exchange hands throughout."

The Art of The Steal
Chris Diamantopoulos as the 'foger' Guy de Cornet

Robert Abele of The Los Angeles Times was as eaully as pessimistic, as he added, "the actors give it punch, but in the grand scheme of caper comedies, "The Art of the Steal" is more breathlessly imitative than authentic."

However, New York Times' Neil Genzlinger praised the movie's plot by stating, "Matt Dillon and Kurt Russell may not make the most convincing half-brothers, but "The Art of the Steal" is a fairly amusing heist film with some sibling tension helping the story along."

The upcoming comedy will hit theatres on June 20th.