Police in Seattle have released photographs of the shotgun that Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain used to commit suicide more than twenty years ago.

In five images posted to the website of the Seattle Police Department, cold case detective Mike Ciesynski is shown holding the long 20-gauge shotgun at a number of different angles. The photos were taken back in June 2015 and placed on the department’s computer system on March 3rd this year, to be added to the investigative file.

It’s unclear why the photos were taken last year in particular, or why they’re now being made available to the public at this moment in time. The Seattle Police Department has not made any official comment on the photographs at the time of writing.

It puts to bed one conspiracy theory around Cobain’s death, which had long maintained that the gun had been melted down by the police department in order to dispense of evidence of a murder and subsequent cover-up.

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Cobain’s body was found at his Lake Washington home on the outskirts of Seattle on April 8th 1994. An investigation subsequently determined that he had taken a massive overdose of heroin, before entering the garage of the property and shooting himself in the head with the shotgun. He was 27 when he died.

NirvanaNirvana: Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl (l-r)

On the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death in 2014, Ciesynski reviewed the case files and determined that said that no new information had come to light that would cause the police to change the conclusion that the singer had taken his own life.

However, he did find four undeveloped rolls of film from the suicide scene. Two of those images were released soon after that, with 34 more released after numerous public disclosure applications poured in after that.

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