Brett Morgen, the director of the Kurt Cobain documentary movie Montage of Heck earlier this year, has revealed the artwork and tracklisting for the “new” album Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings, which is released next month.

The filmmaker also took the time to defend the project from the criticism that it’s received from some quarters in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Just like The Bootleg Series furthers your understanding of Bob Dylan's process, I find that Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings furthers not just our understanding of his process but represents yet another angle, another side of Kurt — an artistic outlet that he was not necessarily able to work within the context of a three-piece band.”

Brett MorgenBrett Morgen, director of 'Montage of Heck'

The majority of the material on the album, released on November 13th, was recorded by Cobain at home in the run-up to his suicide in April 1994, and some have attacked Morgen’s decision to release this as rather ghoulish. However, he continued: “It's not scraps and discarded, insignificant material. It really is furthering our understanding of one of the most significant artists of our time.”

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Those of us who remember the endless barrel-scraping of Nirvana’s vaults that went on in the early noughties reacted largely negatively towards the news that Montage of Heck would be receiving an accompanying soundtrack of home recordings, but Morgen has insisted that it isn’t a grave-robbing exercise.

“In many ways, it unfolds like a concept album,” Morgen said about the record’s structure and his decision not to use anything recorded with the help of his Nirvana bandmates Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. “It's a journey, an experience. We made the commitment that this wasn't just about the musical experience.”

While making the movie, Morgen had access to Cobain’s extensive archives of demos, notebooks and unreleased materials, and sifted through them painstakingly to put the album together. It’s being released as a 13-track standard edition or a 31-track deluxe package. In addition, a seven-inch vinyl single of Cobain covering The Beatles’ ‘And I Love Her’ is being released in a limited-edition run on December 4th.

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