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Kula Shaker StrangeFolk Album

Well if Bono, Richard Ashcroft or Bob Dylan ever die there is no doubt about who should replace them. Kula Shakers' Crispian Mills sounds so much like them. Unfortunately though his band isn't selling quite as well as the mighty U2, Bob Dylan or Richard Aschroft quite yet, but there's always a strong possibility of doing so, with this popular sound. Maybe it's because of their controversial past; being considered a bunch of new age Nazis. Either way, 'StrangeFolk' is the bands third and probably best album to-date. It's exciting, it's skilful and it sheds light on their potential as a band.

The album opens with 'Out On The Highway'; not the greatest you'll ever hear from the band. It's followed up by 'Second Sight', the first song to be released from the album, which is a truly great song and sets a really good mood for the album. It's a powerful, psychedelic rock tune that frankly is only to be expected from a band like Kula Shaker. 'Die For Love' is a 'to die for' track. It's a slow, sluggish, bulky type of track; the kind of track that is casually thrown into the album to provide some form of contrast. 'Great Dictator' is a dominating, bold song, delivered with a degree of power and precision; it even incorporates the long rising wails of the Kaiser Chiefs at a certain point; love it. 'Fool That I am' is a toast to the wonder that was The Verve. It's a song with a vintage twist and it's the kind of song that was written for long drives on the open road.

The rest of the album is rather forgettable though. 'Shadowlands' sheds darkness on the bands greatness and 'Hurricane Season' blows me away, for all the wrong reasons.

On the whole 'StrangeFolk' is a damn site better than their previous work but you still get the hint that the band are not fully committed, somehow. Their music lacks a conviction, it's weak and it seems to be in need of something special.


Daniel Black

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