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Kubb Mother Album

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The existence of Kubb centres on vocalist/bassist Harry Collier, who was born in Liverpool and grew up in the Caribbean, where his love for music first developed. On returning to England he became acquainted with Faithless' Rollo, after singing "Happy Birthday" while working in a London café, and soon after came the birth of this band. Fans of Reef may recognise Kubb's drummer, Dom Greensmith.

The first thing you notice on listening to "Mother" is how Collier's vocals fall somewhere between Jeff Buckley and Muse's Matt Bellamy. The comparisons to Muse don't end their however, "Somewhere Else" and "Sun" are reminiscent of the Devon trio in their darker, more dramatic moods – but this isn't to say that Kubb are anywhere near as good. In fact, they're a long way off, and lack inspiration and direction. "I Don't Mind", "Bitch", and "Burn Again" pass by without impact, and could possibly be used to cure insomnia.

Collier's band shouldn't be written off just yet though, there are moments on "Mother" that do stir the senses. "Grow" is an epic indie ballad aided by a string section and features a fine vocal performance. The ability of the band to restrain themselves musically means it doesn't become overblown, even with use of a chanting gospel choir, who also appear on "Chemical". This is the true moment of class on "Mother", a monster 6-minute journey that starts as a gloomy affair and ends up sounding as joyous as a child on finding Santa Claus has fulfilled his Christmas present list.

Alex Lai

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