Kubb, Interview

18 November 2005

Kubb -  Interview

Kubb - Interview

Contact music spoke to Harry Collier, lead singer from up and coming band Kubb.

So how is your day going?
I'm alright thanks. My days treating me well, I went for a run and then I came here to do a couple of interviews. It's like my first day off in about a month so it's all good. I like that I don't have to do much. I'm gonna try and visit my mum later on. It's nice not to spend 3 hours in a car for a change.

So I take it you've been on the road quite a lot?
Yeah, we have been constantly playing gigs for about 2 months now. The first month was just me doing acoustic pieces in radio stations and the past few weeks I have been playing with my band doing proper shows. We're also going on the road with Starsailor shortly, we have quite a few dates lined up with them.

How long have you guys been together?
We have been a band for about 18 months now. I was actually writing material for Kubb about a year before that. I was living in Cornwall and I moved up to London. When I was down in Cornwall I kind of turned my back on music. I was signing on and I didn't really know what to do. I needed to start making a bit of cash so I started working in a restaurant and through working there I met the 2 guys who I started to write with. I didn't really take it seriously, we were just having a bit of fun really. In no time at all we had produced ten tracks. A manager heard the music and told me he wanted to manage me and he got me a development deal with mercury. They asked me to get a band together so I called up all my friend who played instruments or knew people who played things and the band started to develop. We are just lucky that it is all working. We all get on so well, no one is in it for their own glorification, we are all just in it because we enjoy playing music.

When you were still working with the 2 writers Ben & Jeff , didn't they want to be in the band?
No no they're a lot older than me. Ben doesn't even play an instrument. He just works logically, he works the computer. He's great at writing lyrics too, before we started work together he was making dance tunes. The next album we are going to do is going to be done differently. It's only going to be the band writing. If we have an idea that we can't finish we might then turn to them and ask for some guidance.

You lived in Tobago for quite a while didn't you??
Yeah, I was born in Liverpool then moved over to Tobago with my Mum and Dad. We moved back to the UK and moved to Cornwall. About 4 years ago I moved up to London.

When you started out, was it always the idea to form a band?
Not really. Not at the beginning. We were just having some fun creating new demos. I'd sing and play guitar with Jeff playing the piano and Ben would program some drums up and that would be the demo. It's taken a lot of work to turn those demos into the full sound of the band. It was actually a very difficult transition period. I didn't actually foresee how hard that was going to be. We have kind of re written the album. Now the keyboard parts belong to the keyboard player everyone has made their own parts of the song their own. Ben & Jeff both had to back off and allow the band to alter the songs and claim it for themselves.

It's been kind of an arse about face way of doing things but it's worked. We're all really happy with it. Especially playing live we are really coming into out own. We've been gigging for about a year now and this is our second tour so we are feeling a lot more confident playing. When you are on tour and play a gig the previous night is still fresh in your head and you are aware of what mistakes you might have made so you remember to work on it and not do the same thing again.

The albums this week, how are things looking?
Really good thanks. The singles just been out and it's had loads of radio play. it's amazing.

You worked with youth, how was that??
That was amazing too!! I mean, I've been a frustrated musician for so long, frustrated with the processes involved. Usually when you go in to a studio people want to spend 2 days on one drum sound. Youth and Clive are the antithesis of that. If things are taking over 10 minutes they start to get quite anxious and angry with it. And I think that's the best way to do things.

Wasn't the majority of recording done in 9 days?
Yes it was, but don't be fooled by that. We went to Youth at the end of a very long process. We tried a number of different producers and no one was creating what we want. We had spent all our budget and then someone from the label said he had managed to get us youth for a couple of weeks. Luckily for us it really worked well. We are all happy with it.

What's next for Kubb?
All noses to the promo grindstone really!! We have the tour with starsailor coming up and with the album just being released we are keeping pretty busy!!

Official Site - http://www.kubbmusic.co.uk/


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