The first series of Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23 was slightly short-lived, so tonight's (October, 23 2012) season 2 premiere will mark a welcome return for fans of the show. 

"We want to have fun with these characters and have people get to know them and just see how outrageous and irreverent and a little bit dangerous they are," creator Nahnatchka Khan told USA Today. "We'll have some fun little growths for June, Chloe (and) James. We have some fun places we're taking them." But fans of Chloe's razor like wit, and sharp comebacks will be pleased, as they won't be omitted from her character: "You can't have a bad girl and not make her bad," explains Kahn. Bad girl Chloe is portrayed by Krysten Ritter, who enjoyed a short but popular role in AMC's Breaking Bad as the girlfriend of Jesse Pinkman. "Chloe is so outrageous and so over the top," Ritter says of her mean, amoral character, who so gracefully provides the b***h in the title. "I just love that she's so out there and edgy and marching to her own drum," Ritter says. "She's insane. She's a sociopath."

James Van Der Beek, who plays himself, in a self-mocking capacity, was intrigued that the show was looking for someone to play "a fictional, demented version of themselves." He explained: "We worked it out to try to find a recipe where people could laugh at me and not feel sorry for me. We figured out that as long as the guy is talented, he can have as many blind spots as you want to give him."