True Blood star Kristina Anapau is learning to channel her supernatural gifts so she can better understand the forces that visit her.

The actress, who plays fairy Maurella on Tv, reveals she has always had a connection with ghosts and the paranormal - and she's keen to find out more about her abilities.

She tells Wenn, "A lot of things happened to me growing up in Hawaii. I've been able to sense things and experience things that are paranormal. I've seen ghosts and flashes of light all the time. I know that the world that we see in front of us is only a fraction of what's really there.

"I spend a lot of time trying to see more and more and changing my frequency... and the more work I put into it, the more not only has that whole world opened up, a lot more, but I feel a lot more calm about it and in control."

Anapau recently told Wenn that she had an encounter with a restless spirit while filming a new movie at a haunted California winery in Sonoma.

The ghost appeared before her while she was taking a break between takes and complained about the film set commotion.

She recalled, "It was all super-positive. She was upset that people were in her place and she moved about the room and I said, 'Why don't you just stay in here? They're (members of the film crew) not in here.'"

The spooky encounter left Anapau feeling extra special for the rest of the day: "I felt so great and light and happy after that. It was a great experience. I walked out and I knew what everyone was feeling and was able to speak to them accordingly."