16 year old Emily (Olesya Rulin) is a champion rope-jumper. It’s her life, her passion. And there’s only one thing holding her back. That’s her family. Mom (played by Kristin Chenoweth) and dad (Matthew Modine) decide to take her parents hostage, after they miss one of her important rope-jumping contests. She’s one of life’s over-acheivers; motivated, keen and high-achieving. It’s just a shame that mom and dad don’t share her passion for their daughter’s success. 

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Directed by Benjamin Epps (Meet Me In The Graveyard), Family Weekend is a light-hearted comedy… well, as light-hearted as a comedy can be when it involves a teenager drugging her own parents’ wine with sleeping pills in order to placate them enough to teach them how to be better parents. After mentoring them on a number of topics, such as how they should react if a boy comes to the house calling for her, she slowly starts to make them see the error of their family-ignorant ways.

Emily’s extreme actions are met with support from her typically-teenage brother Jackson, played by Eddie Hassell and her little sister Lucinda, played by the rather cute Joey King. Family Weekend gets its release in April, 2013 and will be a must-see for Chenoweth fans, who will no doubt be glad to see the Good Wife star back on the big screen.