Kristen Stewart joined Jimmy Fallon for an awkward yet hilarious round of the game 'Word Blurt' on Tuesday’s edition of the 'Tonight Show'. The 25 year old actress was appearing on the late night talk show to promote her new movie, American Ultra when she got roped into playing the word association game with the host. 

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart played Word Blurt with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday.

Fallon initially tried to calm Stewarts nerves over the game by saying that if they managed to give the same responses it would prove they were ‘besties’. But Stewart wasn't fooled by Fallon and told the host, "You have so many besties, I don't want to hear that anymore.”

Before they began the Twilight star admitted she wasn't very good at being funny on her feet telling Fallon, ”I’m not very good at the whole improv joke thing, so to even just say a word is going to be hard.”

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As we might have guessed Stewart’s brain appears to lean more on the literal than the comedic side and her first few answers weren’t too adventurous. For ‘tequila’ she simply answered ‘shot’ and ‘selfie’ caused her to think of ‘stick’, while Fallon opted for Kardashian.

But the actress soon seemed to warm up to the game and for marshmallow she offered the confusing ‘belly’, which caused Fallon to humorously inspect his waistline. Next the pair were faced with ‘Lenny Kravitz’ to which the host unsurprisingly answered ‘penis’ and a slightly uncomfortable Stewart said, "Now I'm totally influenced by that. And I'm going in that direction and I feel weird, so maybe, um….piercing?”

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But the pair’s ultimate test came with their final word when they were given a few seconds to think about it and try and get their brains in sync. As it turns out Fallon and Stewart might actually be besties after all as they managed to match each other in the end. The word in question happened to be ‘mistake’ to which Stewart answered ‘coming here’ and Fallon said ‘tonight’.

Watch Kristen Stewart play ‘Word Blurt’ with Jimmy Fallon below: