It's not something often considered by fans, but a film's rating can exclude millions of fans should it step over the lines of the classifications they are subject to. Director Bill Condon can told MTV that the final instalment of the Twilight saga nearly earned itself an R.

"It was a close call, because they did say it was very, very intense," Condon said. "I wrote a letter [to the MPAA ratings board] and said that this is the only way we could do it, and they were cool [with it]," he added. "They said to pull back a little on the sound, the crunchy [head-smashing/decapitating] sound, and we did, and that got us our [PG-13] rating. There was one [effect] where we rip a head and you kind of see it come apart [that] I was sure we would have more trouble with, but we didn't." Hardcore vampire fans had been a little miffed at the lack of bloodsucking in previous films, but this one certainly delivers.

Saga is perhaps the most appropriate word for the Twilight franchise. A lot of focus was drawn to the infedility of Kristen Stewart, as she cheated on boyfriend and colleague Robert Pattinson. The vampire icons were amidst a cloud of strife surrounding their very public breakup, but all seems to have settled down as Breaking Dawn Part 2 enjoyed its much anticipated premier this weekend.