Could it be? Is there such a thing as a Halloween miracle? After months off the radar, today E!News reported that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (yes, you read that right) might be rekindling their relationship. Well, “rekindling” might be going a bit far, but the pair were spotted together for the first time since their messy breakup in Summer 2012. According to E!News, they were spotted together in Los Angeles this Wednesday, but left when the paparazzi inevitably materialized – Pattinson driving off in his Jeep behind Stewart’s blue Toyota.

Kristen Stewart, LAX
Even after Twilight, Stewart continues to be plagued by the paparazzi - and by rumours of an old relationship.

If their reaction wasn’t enough, an ever reliable anonymous “source” was quoted by the website as saying that the two were not, in fact “hooking up” whenever both happened to be in LA. Even so, the source claimed that yesterday was not, in fact, the first time that the two happened to be in the same place at the same time. The plot thickens.

Robert Pattinson, Maps to the Stars Set
So are they or aren't they. And the more important question: does it really matter?

Except it doesn’t. Back in August this year, Pattinson was seen exiting Stewart’s Los Feliz house, which they share during their relationship. Stewart sold the house soon after and moved into an apartment, but the rumor stuck, much like a bad haunting (we’ve all seen The Conjuring by now, right?) At this point, it seems that nothing short of an exorcism (or a wedding) will serve to quell the rumors. Let's hope the happier outcome wins, although we're not certain at this point which one that would be.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Breaking Dawn Premiere
At this point, one year on, both Stewart and Pattinson seem to be well and truly over it - the media frenzy, that is.