It's safe to say that actress Kristen Stewart is going through a pretty emotionally troublesome time, having split with her long-term, on/off boyfriend and fellow Twilight co-star Rob Pattinson in May only to now hear reports that he's been publically moving on with Elvis Presley's granddaughter and Stewart-lookalike Riley Keough.

Kristen StewartA Single Kristen Stewart Tries To Move On With Her Life Despite Reports Rob Is Dating Riley.

Not only having to contend with her crushing heartache, Stewart has also recently been the victim of a cruel jibe after someone wrote "I [heart] Rob" in the grime on the front of her pickup truck whilst she was out running errands in Hollywood. She and Pattinson split in May after a four year relationship that echoed the onscreen romance of their Twilight characters, Bella and Edward.

Robert PattinsonIs Robert Pattinson Dating Riley Keough?

Pattinson's public friendship with 24 year-old Keough has a particular sting in its tail for Stewart as the pair were close friends after meeting as co-stars on the set of The Runaways movie and Stewart having reportedly encouraged the former Victoria's Secret model to pursue acting further. The pair were so close, in fact, that Keough also attended Stewart's intimate Mexican cantina 23rd birthday party. The way Stewart sees it, if it wasn't for her Riley and Rob would have never met. It doesn't exactly help that both Riley and Rob are the male and female faces of Dior's fragrance lines and Pattinson is said to adore Elvis' music. It's a match made in all-too-perfect heaven for Stewart right now.

Riley KeoughRiley Keough Not Only Looks Similar To Kristen, But The Pair Were Once Best Friends.

Pattinson and Keough have been seen speeding about in Rob's own pick-up truck and, according to E!Online, Kristen is "heartbroken" to learn that her ex-boyfriend is dating one of her best friends. "Kristen is seething. She understands things are over between her and Rob, but to see him now dating one of her closest friends is just too much for her to deal with and seeing the pictures really hurt her," says a source speaking to Grazia magazine (reported by Hollywood Life), adding that neither of the new friends are replying to calls or texts from Kristen.

As reported by the Belfast Telegraph, Keough's representative has denied that she is romantically involved with Pattinson.