The 'Veronica Mars' film campaign has raised $5.7 million.

The proposed movie project - which would see Kristen Bell reprise her role as the witty private investigator from the original TV series - will be made after exceeding its $2 million goal in a grass-roots fundraising campaign.

The show's creator Rob Thomas and Bell launched the campaign last month to raise funds to produce the long-rumoured big screen follow-up to the show, which ended in 2007 after three seasons, after reaching a deal with 'Veronica Mars' rights holder Warner Bros.

The studio, though initially hesitant to greenlight the project, eventually agreed to fund marketing and distribution for the movie if Thomas and Bell could raise the capital to make it.

Thomas and Bell began sourcing donations from avid fans of the TV show via and following whirlwind support from viewers, the duo exceeded their $2 million budget goal in less than 12 hours after the campaign was launched.

In exchange for donations, fans will receive unique rewards, including a copy of the film's script upon its release, video messages from Bell and even a role in the movie.

Filming is due to begin this summer for online release in January 2014 via Warner Bros. Digital.