Kristen Bell has opened up about some of the more intimate scenes between her and Melissa McCarthy on the set of their new movie 'The Boss', directed by McCarthy's husband Ben Falcone. No-one can deny McCarthy's comedic genius, but there's one scene in particular that early viewers crying with laughter.

Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy in The BossKristen Bell talks boob business in The Boss

Bell plays a dowdy single mother named Claire who's struggling to pay her bills on the meagre wage her job as an assistant to wealthy entrepreneur Michelle Darnell pays. When Michelle is sent to prison for insider trading, however, everything changes, except that upon her release, there's only one person she feels she can turn to for help. Claire opens up her home to her bawdy and irresponsible former boss so that she can get back on her feet, and in return Michelle wants to give Claire the confidence she desperately needs so she can start dating again.

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In one scene in particular, Claire's outfit - and, indeed, what's underneath it - is being scrutinised by Michelle, who tugs at the loose straps of her nursing bra as if she were Pinocchio's famous puppeteer. 'Claire, it's like Geppetto!' She exclaims in the film.

'There's a reason why keeping your nursing bra is an embarrassing joke because a lot of women keep their nursing bras', Bell admitted in an interview. 'I haven't given mine up yet - they're so comfortable. But then there does come a point where you have to realise you're not a food truck anymore and you need to lift 'em up... You have one set of knees! You don't need two!'

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To many actresses, getting so up close and personal with a fellow co-star may seem more awkward than humorous, but for Bell and McCarthy it was all in a day's work. 'Thankfully, we shot it towards the end of the movie and we were both very comfortable with each other so we just went for it', she said. 'There were some real punching of the boobies. There were some sore boobies after that scene.'

'The Boss' is set to hit theaters on April 8th 2016.