Review of Features Album by Kris Menace

International producer Kris Menace releases his first vocal solo project 'Features' on Compuphonic. Menace has been producing some major acts in recent years such as LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, Air, Moby and made collaborations with dance pioneers such as Felix Da Housecat.  This new album has many respected singers featuring their vocals bringing real melody to an electronic album. 

Kris Menace Features Album

This fusion certainly creates songs as opposed to purely dance tracks. In fact, the mix makes it pretty cool and accessible to a wide audience. You get chunky, funky electronic music and great singing from the likes of Miss Kitten, Robert Owens, Dodgy and Lawrence LT Thompson to name just a few.  There's some good tracks on here, especially 'Eye Opener' featuring Xavier Naidoo.  There's a lot of mood and atmosphere throughout this album. 

'Features' certainly cuts it as an album and really demonstrates how cool dance music can fit respectably into a pop format, without losing credibility. Kris Menace has managed to be progressive and compliment his range of singers well and fits into a market of young discerning listeners who could definitely get into this, as well as veterans looking for a chill out album. It's not too pop or too electro, it's somewhere comfortably in the middle which allows 'Features' to be a well-rounded album that is engrossing and leisurely soothes the subconscious. Not bad! 

Tareck Ghoneim

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