Following his untimely death on May 1, the autopsy report on Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly has been completed and made public by the Fulton County Medical Examiner's office in Atlanta. With former child rapping star, who went by the stage name 'Mac Daddy' during his KK days, passed away from an overdose after taking a fatal amount of unspecified drugs.

The medical reports that confirmed Kelly's cause of death have not been made fully available to the public and the coroner's statement did not disclose which drugs he had taken for the discretion of his family. The report did say that he had taken a cocktail of illegal drugs and proved fatal when combined in Kelly system. It is believed that he was killed whilst trying a speedball; a mixture of cocaine and heroin and a combination that has killed the likes of John Belushi and Chris Farley.

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Following his passing his mother told police that her son had come home to Atlanta to stay with her until he recovered from his ongoing addiction and had taken both cocaine and heroin the night before he passed. When he was found by paramedics they tried in vain to resuscitate him and the 34-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. A memorial service was held for Chris early in May, with family and friends attending the service in which Chris was remembered for his love of music and the kind spirit.

The rap duo Kris Kross were founded in the early 90's when Kelly and Chris 'Daddy Mac' Smith were discovered at an Atlanta shopping mall, signing to So So Def Records when they were just 13-years-old. The group achieved success with the release of their first album but their popularity didn't last long and Kelly found himself to be a commodity to the music industry, eventually spiralling into the drug habit that took his life.