Chris Kelly, of the infamous 90s rap duo Kris Kross, was pronounced dead late last Wednesday. He was 34. Nothing substantial is known about the circumstances, surrounding his death just yet, but an autopsy is expected to be performed later today. Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office told ABC News Radio that the rapper had died at the Atlanta Medical Center.

Kelly (known as "Mac Daddy"), along with Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith, rose to prominence in the early 90s with their song “Jump”. On its release, the song topped the Billboard 100 and remained there for eight whole weeks. On top of that, the duo had millions of adoring fans, who bought their music by the truckloads and imitated their signature style – that style being wearing your clothes backwards. It was the early 90s, no one is judging.

In 1992, when their first album “Totally Krossed Out” came out, Smith and Kelly were just 13. The two took malls across the country by storm and even toured with Michael Jackson during his “Dangerous World Tour”. Kriss Kross got so big, that they even ended up releasing an original video game. Of course, as often happens with teen pop sensations, their fadeout wasn’t far behind. Their 1993 album “Da Bomb” failed to reach the success of their debut and it was a gradual fade into obscurity from there.

Still, the two stayed in the music business and even had a reunion gig in Atlanta earlier this year. Yahoo! Music Writer Billy Johnson, Jr. interviewed Kelly in February.

"He actually was still working on music and recording. He said he had several hundred songs that he had recorded and he had mentioned that during his time away from releasing music that he had actually gone back to school to learn how to be a studio engineer," Johnson said, according to ABC News Radio.