Chris Kelly's death earlier this year was immediately blamed on drugs and, following an extensive autopsy, it has been confirmed that the late Kris Kross rapper did indeed pass away from a fatal drug dose. The coroners office have not been able to disclose exactly what substances were found in his body to the public, but they did confirm that the one-time child prodigy had a cocktail of different drugs in his system.

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Kelly's body was found at his home in Atlanta home late on May 1 night, with the rapper pronounced dead soon after he arrived at a nearby hospital. Police immediately began investigating the scene and it soon became apparent that Kelly was suffering from a drug dependency and died of a possible drug overdose. On Monday (July 1), their thoughts were confirmed when the results for the autopsy was published. Betty Honey of the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office said after releasing the details that a toxicology screening had discovered an array of substances in Kelly's body.

At the time of his death, Kelly's uncle told local authorities the 90's star had a history of drug abuse and his mother, Donna Kelly Pratt, also told police that her son has long struggled with heroin and cocaine and had used both drugs on the night before he died. It was a tragic end to a life fraught with difficulties for Kelly, with his life-taking drug dependancy mirroring that of so many other child stars that have come before him.

Kris Kross were genuinely a significant act and were key players in the transition of rap from the underground to the mainstream, even if they ended up becoming a parody act by their second album. They even supported Michael Jackson on his 1992 Dangerous World Tour. Their novelty soon wore off and Kelly and his bandmate Chris Smith moved on to unsuccessful solo ventures, but Kelly shouldn't be remembered as the failed child rapper, but be honoured as a hip hop pioneer.