Country music legend Kris Kristofferson is refusing to let his deteriorating memory loss wreck his plans to reunite with Willie Nelson in the studio, insisting his woes aren't as bad as they may seem.

The 77 year old recently revealed he is struggling to remember things and at a recent show in Long Beach, California, the Sunday Morning Coming Down singer reportedly had to use a teleprompter to recall some lyrics.

He called on his wife Lisa to help him with the opening line to a song, but Kristofferson tells Closer magazine, "It's not as unpleasant as it sounds. I am doing great."

However, his wife tells Closer the star's forgetfulness is "worsening a lot now".

That said, he's still planning a studio get together with his Highwaymen partner Nelson after teaming up with him for a performance at the Grammy Awards last month (Jan14).

And he's still in great spirits, telling the magazine, "The great thing about losing your memory is that I can go all the way back to the beginning (of movies I've seen) and I'm never bored!"