An impromptu outdoor gig by singer KRIS ALLEN was shut down by California police on Sunday (29Apr12) because the American Idol winner didn't have a performance permit.
The Live Like We're Dying hitmaker decided to stage a free show at the Santa Monica pier on Sunday night and he notified fans of the gig with a post on
He wrote, "Who wants to go the beach and watch some guy play some tunes? Hear he's ok. How bout the pier in Santa Monica? 8 pm. tunes...ocean breeze...birds pooping on us. It's gonna be great."
However, the evening didn't go quite as planned - a law enforcement official clamped down on the mini-gig upon realising the musician didn't have the required paperwork to stage the show at the famed tourism hotspot.
The 26 year old was subsequently forced to pack up his things and a disappointed Allen later apologised to fans for the confusion, tweeting: "I wasn't expecting anything from tonight but that's not what I expected. Getting stopped by the cops never crossed my mind. Thanks to everyone that came out. Had a good time. And to the people that just stopped...thanks for stopping. Btw (by the way) I didn't mean any disrespect to other street performers out there. I respect them so much for what they do."