Kourtney Kardashian is craving junk food.

The 33-year-old star - who is expecting her second child, a daughter, with boyfriend Scott Disick - admits her first pregnancy with son Mason, now two, was a lot healthier and she is now obsessed with eating cheeseburgers and Oreos.

She said: ''I remember when I first got pregnant with Mason. I wanted fruit and frozen yogurt and all this healthy stuff. This time it's like cheeseburgers, sour cream and onion chips and double-stuffed Oreos.''

However, she has been finding having plenty of junk food around her has meant her son has been indulging himself too.

Speaking in an interview on 'The Rachael Ray Show', due to air tomorrow, she said: ''Mason started eating the Oreos I bought for myself and then I said, 'OK, we're not buying Oreos anymore!' ''

Kourtney recently revealed she is keeping a list of names on her phone so she can keep track of the monikers she likes.

She said: ''We always have our little list that I keep in my phone

''I have my little list of names, and I cross it off one day and a new one comes. We definitely don't have the name. We're going back and forth.''