Kourtney Kardashian used to be scared that sunscreen ''would make her break out''.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star used to be terrified of putting sun protection lotion on because she didn't want to get spots on her skin.

Taking to her Poosh website, she shared: ''I used to be afraid that sunscreen would make me break out. I also put it on my hands, which is a trick that Khloé taught me. I put this EltaMD sunscreen on my face, hands, neck, and chest because this is where we all show our age.''

Meanwhile, Kourtney previously confessed she is a big fan of vampire facials and has it as often as possible and likes to combine it with a whole day of ''downtime'' where she relaxes and looks after her appearance.

She said: ''I love platelet-rich plasma [treatments]. They take your blood and spin it, and then take the plasma and microneedle it [into your face]. They call it the Vampire Facial. It's usually a day of downtime, but it's something I like to do as often as I can.''

The 41-year-old reality star is also afan of cryotherapy treatments, where the body is exposed to extreme cold.

She added: ''I do saunas. And Khloé [Kardashian] and I did cryotherapy together. We felt so good afterward. We were like, 'Let's do this every morning!'''

Kourtney also admitted growing up in the ''super-skinny'' era left her confused about what foods were healthy and what weren't.

She said: ''It's interesting. I grew up in that super-skinny era. 'Fat-free' and calorie counting was the thing. I don't even think about those things anymore. No one cared about carbs; it was just [about] no fat. I didn't know what was healthy or not healthy growing up. ... [Post-kids,] with my body, it's become more about maintenance. As far as my workouts, I feel really good. I notice better results when I mix it up between trainers or do boxing, so I don't get burned-out or bored.''