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Davis Was Suicidal Recording Latest Album

KORN star JONATHAN DAVIS wanted to kill himself while recording the band's latest album - because producer ROSS ROBINSON drove him to the brink of madness.The rockers teamed up with Robinson, who worked on their...

Korn To Perform In Crop Circle

Rockers KORN are to perform in an eerie crop circle which they helped create in a field near their native Bakersfield, California.The group worked closely with expert circle makers on the design, which features a...

Korn Rocker's Rejoin Bid Rejected

Rockers KORN have snubbed former guitarist BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH's bid to rejoin the band.Welch quit back in 2005 after finding God, revealing he had "chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior, and will be...

God Wants Rocker Welch To 'Save' 50 Cent

Former KORN rocker BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH is trying to "save" 50 CENT after God told him to contact the rapper.Welch, who quit the heavy rock act to devote his life to Christianity, insists he was...

Welch Plans A Return To The Road

Former KORN star BRIAN 'HEAD' WELCH will be testing his faith and sobriety on the road in America this summer (09) with a string of border shows in New Mexico and Texas. The heavy rock star...

Woodstock Founder Planning Anniversary Sequel

The founder of the legendary Woodstock music festival is said to be looking for sponsors to fund a 40th anniversary event.Michael Lang, who co-founded the iconic 1969 show in Bethel, New York State, is hoping...

By on 24 March 2009

Korn Star's Agony Over Affairs

KORN bassist REGINALD 'FIELDY' ARVIZU has opened up about his troubled first marriage - insisting his numerous affairs destroyed the relationship and drove his ex-wife to violence. The star has been married three times and is...

Davis: 'I Hope Fred Durst Has Changed'

KORN star JONATHAN DAVIS has applauded old pal FRED DURST's decision to reunite LIMP BIZKIT - but he hopes the rocker is no longer "an a**". Korn and Limp Bizkit were at the forefront of the...

Born-again Korn Star Returns With Solo Album

Former KORN star BRIAN `HEAD' WELCH is set to return to the limelight with a new solo album after taking a religious sabbatical from the music industry. The guitarist stunned the rock world when he...

Valo Slams Rock Fans Afraid To Embrace Him

HIM frontman VILLE VALO has slammed his band's detractors as macho chauvinists living in the past. The Finnish rocker believes the reason why so many rock fans dislike HIM is simply because they are...

Davis Backs Hunters

KORN rocker JONATHAN DAVIS has hit out at the recently banned British practice of fox hunting, and vowed to break the law and take part when he next visits the UK. The government recently...

Marilyn Manson Banned From Ozzfest

Shock-rocker MARILYN MANSON has been banned from playing at the New York leg of OZZFEST on August 11 (03). Officials at Six Flags in Darien Lakes, New York applied a clause in its contract...


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