Review of See You on The Other Side Album by Korn

See You on The Other Side
Album Review

Korn See You on The Other Side Album

So many bands who last more than a couple of albums start to grow up and go all clean and tidy after a while. It's a side effect of that darned growing up thing. Luckily, Korn have not succumbed and this, their seventh album, is still grindingly heavy. The basslines are dirty and fierce, guitars wail relentlessly and Jonathan Davis continues to sing like a tortured, demented soul. Excellent. Make no mistake though, Korn's brand of nu-metal is no roaring, tuneless noise. There are hooks and choruses here, there and everywhere on this album – most notably on the lead single and opening track, Twisted Transistor. The lyrics are, as ever, full of impassioned drama and (hopefully) a little tongue in cheek. Quality once again from the daddies of the genre.

Sharon Edge

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