Review of Snake Magnet Album by Kong

Review of Kong's album Snake Magnet

Kong Snake Magnet Album

This is a stonking debut from the experimental punk soundwave defilers from Manchester. The band consists of 3 angry psychedelic miscreants thrashing out a number of gnarled up tracks that generate levels of adrenaline not dissimilar to those created while being attacked by a hungry fruit bat that has just mistaken your eyeballs for a delicious meal.

This cross between Mike Patton's side project band 'Mr Bungle' and a vegan holding a paper bag filled with burning squirrels, has a deep underground sound that emanates a sweaty, sticky and funky smelling cloud of pure atmosphere. The unorthodox and wonky rhythms create an interesting and original sounding compilation of grungy, sludgy songs that would be a great soundtrack for a movie about robotic monster fighting.

I think the sound exploring three-piece 'Kong' have found, caught and bagged something really worth listening to and I'm eagerly anticipating visiting the grot filled catacombs for a first hand live experience, where I've no doubt that irreversible damage shall be inflicted upon my eardrums.

Rating 8/10

Rory Taylor

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