Review of The KOF EP EP by KOF

Review of KOF's self-titled EP


KOF likes to call his blend of 'Hip-Hop, Indie and Dance' Mesh Music. I don't know why he calls it that because that's not a very clear indicator of what your music will sound like, but, it seems to be working out for him. There's a combination of hip-hop drums with a little of it bordering on breakbeats, with a large variety of sound effects, from phone interference to NEScore style sounds crossing with industrial sounding dance synths. I wish he'd leave the air horn alone, though.

Lyrically, it's not all murder; The KOF EP is about being happy, letting go, putting your hands in the air and what-not. Some of the lyrics are more introverted, such as on standout track Reason.

He's got several producers on here but it's mostly Defiance- doing so on 6 of 11 tracks. This is pretty much a promo CD, almost a mixtape for the upcoming album. Track 10 is a preview of the KOF album, with 30 second fadeins of a few of the tracks, and it does sound like it will be pretty good when it drops later in the year.

There's a lot of nice music on here, ranging from fast and hard to fast and less hard, and it's really very nice.

Conrad Hughes

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