Irish rock band Kodaline is starting to assert its dominance in the international music world with the recruitment of Superbad’s very own McLovin in the video for the latest single, Ready.

KodalineKodaline is shooting for big stars with the new video, Ready

Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays a determined injured jockey in the video which accompanies the track that has been recorded in support of the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF), a charity that provides financial assistance to former jockeys who have suffered catastrophic on-track injuries.

The story follows Mintz-Plasse as he prepares for a return to horseracing regardless of his wheelchair and shows his training and the moment he comes face-to-face with horses again.

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McLovin isn’t the first big American name the four-piece band has secured to help them with their musical ventures with Friends acting superstar Courteney Cox due to direct the video for the next single after being introduced by Snow Patrol fiancé, Johnny McDaid.

McDaid produced a track for the band and Cox reportedly said: "Guys, I have to direct this video."

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Ready features on Kodaline’s latest album Coming Up For Air, a follow-up to the 2013 album In A Perfect World that reached number three in the UK and number one in Ireland.

Upon the release of Coming Up For Air in February of this year, the band made it the second album to reach the Irish top spot.

To watch the video for the track Ready, click here.