Kodaline have rejected ''a lot of offers'' to collaborate with other acts.

The Irish rockers confessed they have been approached on several occasions to record collaborative tracks with other artists but they have never been convinced to agree to record with someone else because they're too ''focused'' on their own band.

Bassist Jason Boland exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''There's been a lot of offers but you never know with those things whether they're going to come out or what's going to become of them. But we're really focused on our own thing at the moment and getting our own thing down before we start going out and seeing what other people say.''

The band - also featuring Mark Prendergast, Steve Garrigan and Vinny May - released their second studio album 'Coming Up for Air' earlier this year, but are now spending their time touring and starting to ''push'' themselves while writing new music.

Steve said: ''I think we're becoming more of a band because we're sharing the songwriting a lot more. And we're better musicians because we've played live so much. But we do push ourselves to try more stuff.''