At the beginning of this year, The CW brought their new series 'Riverdale' - based on the long-running Archie Comics series - to the small screen. Not many people knew what to expect outside of the teasers that had been revealed, but when the show kicked into high gear after just a couple of episodes, it was clear that it would become a huge success.

KJ Apa stars as Archie Andrews in 'Riverdale' on The CWKJ Apa stars as Archie Andrews in 'Riverdale' on The CW

Now with production underway on a second season that's set to debut later this year, and with that new season consisting of an extended 22 episodes, it's clear that the network are showing no signs of slowing down with the series.

Many rumours have surrounded the show since it started, with one of the most prominent being that it would be brilliant if Sabrina the Teenage Witch joined the series at some point. In the comic book world, Sabrina has already infiltrated the town of Riverdale, so seeing her on the small screen in the show wouldn't be a stretch by any means.

"There has been conversation about Sabrina coming into season two, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't been decided yet," 'Riverdale' lead actor KJ Apa explained in a chat with "It would be cool."

On a personal level however, the Archie Andrews actor thinks witchcraft, zombies and other horror elements should be left for a later date.

"We're a young show, we're only on our second season, so we should be focusing on the town still, and our character development.

"As soon as you start getting too deep into that kind of stuff, you lose a little bit of the subversity that we have to the show, and the darkness, so I'd rather focus on that. Maybe down the road, for sure."

Whether Sabrina comes to 'Riverdale' in season 2 or at some point down the road, it looks like talks are already taking place to bring the character into the fold at some point in the near future. That's an exciting prospect for any fan, and should certainly set the rumour mill alight once more.

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'Riverdale' season 1 is available now on Netflix, with the season also hitting DVD on August 14.