The poor people of Pompeii were once blissfully unaware that a mighty volcano was about to erupt, crushing and burning everything in its wake. With this in mind, how worried should The Lego Movie be that new historical disaster movie Pompeii is opening in the US today?

Pompeii Kit Harington
Kit Harington Plays Slave-Turned-Gladiator In The Disaster Drama, 'Pompeii.'

 Adored by adults and children alike, The Lego Movie has charmed its way to the top of the box office for two straight weekends and is looking strong to continue its triumphant streak for at least a third week. A stellar cast, an exciting storyline and plenty of funny moments means the movie could be set to pull a Frozen and stay at the top for much, much longer.

Pompeii, the latest movie from Resident Evil director Paul W.S Anderson follows the story of a young slave-turned-gladiator Milo, played by Game of Thrones' Kit Harington, who is fighting for his love Cassia (Emily Browning) when Mount Vesuvius erupts and wrecks its devastating havoc upon the town.

The Lego Movie
It's Unlikely That 'The Lego Movie' Will Be Flustered The The Release Of 'Pompeii.'

Part Gladiator, part Game of Thrones, part BBC docu-drama, Pompeii mines the widespread appeal of historical romance and the perils of natural disaster rather than breaking any new ground. That said, the movie looks exceptionally well-made and audiences will forever have a fascination with the tragedy and mystery of the Pompeii disaster.

Watch The 'Pompeii' Trailer:

What's more, the film dissects history through the lens of a fictional love story meaning it's a friendlier experience than the fast facts and complicated figures found in historical documentaries. Nevertheless, Pompeii will struggle against the seemingly universal appeal of The Lego Movie, even with its gross-boosting 3D option.

Box Office Mojo forecasts that the volcano epic will fall into second place behind Lego this weekend with an estimated $11.6 million in takings compared to Lego's nearly triple $32.4 million. Pompeii needs to perform to its best this weekend to avoid being labelled a bomb when it sees release in the rest of the world.

The Lego Movie Abe Lincoln Super Man
'The Lego Movie' Is Proving Too Big A Draw For All Ages Than 'Pompeii' Can Compete With.

Like the clouds of ash that blocked the Italian sky, The Lego Movie will almost certainly prevent Pompeii from enjoying any time in the sun. Pompeii is released today in the US whilst UK fans will have to wait until the 2nd May.