Kit Harington wanted to do 'Blood For Dust' because of the action scenes.

The 37-year-old actor is starring in the new thriller - which follows a new salesman who finds himself on a dangerous path after a chance encounter with a colleague who has a dark past - and liked being able to go out to Montana to fire guns as part of the film.

He told ScreenRant: "Well, I hadn't done a lot of gun stuff prior to this. I like action scenes, and this seemed to have them. That was a big pull. I did go, which you don't have the opportunity to in the UK, I went to a range out in Montana to fire some guns so I knew what I was doing because it's not something in my background I have and did a bit of my homework there.

"But one thing that I was quite clear or keen on is that it shouldn't feel in any way glorifying, and I don't think this movie does. I think we were very careful how we shot some of those scenes. If anything, it was Ricky flashing his gun, feeling like a man, but we could see that it was a cover for everything and he should never look too cool with the gun. He looks like a guy that loves guns, but not a guy who looks effortlessly cool with it."

The former 'Game of Thrones' star also explained that the action scenes "ran like clockwork" on set because of intense rehearsals.

He said: "When we got to the big action sequences at the end, it ran like clockwork because he had rehearsed it and rehearsed it and rehearsed it with stuntmen beforehand and knew exactly what his shots were going to be. I just really like working with people like that."