Kit Harington doesn't feel comfortable with his sex symbol status.

The 36-year-old actor became a global sex symbol after playing Jon Snow in the hit HBO series 'Game of Thrones', but Kit never wanted to become so well-known for his good looks.

Kit - who married actress Rose Leslie in 2018 - told Candis magazine: "I never got into acting to be a sex symbol or a heart-throb.

"I got into acting because I love playing characters and not being myself. But yeah, it goes with the territory because I am a young male leading actor and with that goes an aspect of work that I guess I am ... not actually very comfortable with sometimes."

The 'Pompeii' actor thinks he has had to "work very hard" to prove he's more than just his good looks.

He continued:

He explained: "I think it was Leonardo Dicaprio who always said how p***** off he was to be put into that box because it means you have to work extra hard to get out of it.

"I'm not saying, 'Woe is me' because it gets me working. But you do have to work very hard not to get boxed into that."

Meanwhile, Kit previously described married life as "great", even though he insisted it hasn't changed his relationship with Rose, with whom he has two children.

Asked if marriage has changed his life, Kit told Empire magazine: "Not really. I love stability. You know, I knew I wanted to do this - we knew we wanted to do this. We had a great day.

"And you can suddenly go off and get on with so much more in life now. You know, that's done. That's my wife. I'm her husband. That box is ticket, right?

"Let's get on as a partnership and make a life together. It's great."