The death of Jon Snow at the end of season 5 of 'Game Of Thrones' was one of the most heart-breaking events of the fantasy series so far, and has had fans agonising over the situation for months. Viewers can breathe a sigh of relief now though, because it looks like the handsome Night's Watchman is back.

Jon Snow in Game Of ThronesIt'll take more than a stab wound to kill Snow

Panic not, 'Game Of Thrones' lovers; Snow is not dead. Not that the real fans ever thought he was gone for good, anyway. But now we have proof. HBO took to Twitter to tease us with what to expect when the first episode of season 6 begins in April 2016, including a photo of Snow with a face full of blood. It's clearly meant to be ambiguous; is he lying on the ground dead with his eyes closed or is he standing with his head to one side, looking down at the ground?

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We're almost certain it's the latter and if you pair that with the recent sightings of Kit Harington around the set of the show in Belfast, it's pretty much a cert. At least, if it turns out that he is actually dead then show creators will have a LOT of explaining to do with leading on the viewers.

In case you needed reminding of the exact circumstances surrounding Jon Snow's apparent demise, he was stabbed and left to die by some mutineers of the Night's Watch, who accused him of treachery for his alliance with the Wildlings and refuse to accept his leadership. Snow isn't one to suffer fools gladly, so his return will no doubt fuel serious tension among the brothers of the Watch.

The exact date of the first episode of season 6 is yet to be announced but by now we know to expect it some time in April 2016.