Kit Harington is reportedly in talks to star as Jon Snow in a ‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off show. According to the Daily Star, a senior executive has confirmed that "exploratory talks" with the actor took place, after he was sworn to secrecy about Jon Snow’s return to the series.

Kit Harington as Jon SnowCould Jon Snow be getting his own spin-off series?

"Any spin-off built around Jon Snow, who is hugely popular with fans, would also undoubtedly involve other characters from the cast,” the source said. “When the final season wraps next year, it’s going to be a case of figuring out who we want to join us for a new series and which of those cast members actually want to jump on board.”

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The series is reportedly set to launch if the HBO show comes to an end next year after its seventh season. If Harington signs on It could make him one of the highest-paid stars in TV history, bringing in more than £684,000.

But the problem with any ‘GOT’ spin-off show will be managing to tie down the cast for another series, since many have already begun carving out successful careers in Hollywood. Harington himself has made the move to Hollywood, starring in Testament of Youth and the upcoming Brimstone with Dakota Fanning.

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“One of the hardest things in showbiz is trying to keep an ensemble cast together and there’s no doubt that, when ‘Throne’s finally comes to a close, most members will head off to pursue fresh projects,” the source added.