HBO has assured ‘Game Of Thrones’ fans that Friday’s (June 23) referendum result in Britain will not impact the fantasy series. ‘GOT’ is filmed in Northern Ireland and was also thought to be partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Game of Thrones‘Game Of Thrones’ will not be impacted by Brexit.

But HBO say that Thrones fans needn’t worry that their favourite show will be impacted as the network hasn’t taken any money from the Fund for the last few seasons anyway. “We do not anticipate that the result of the EU Referendum will have any material effect on HBO producing Game of Thrones,” HBO said in a statement.

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According to Entertainment Weekly the show does get funding and tax incentives from other regional programs, but they’re not ones that are expected to be impacted by the vote. But while ‘GOT’ hasn't nothing to worry about the result might have an overall more devastating affect for the U.K. film and TV industry.

Speaking to the The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Ryan, chairman of the global entertainment industry trade association Independent Film & Television Alliance, said: “This decision has just blown up our foundation,”

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“As of today, we no longer know how our relationships with co-producers, financiers and distributors will work, whether new taxes will be dropped on our activities in the rest of Europe or how production financing is going to be raised without any input from European funding agencies.”