Last night’s premiere of Game of Thrones might not count as a perfect success for HBO, but it definitely says something about a show, when the demand is so heavy that it crashes HBO Go’s servers. Heads up, for any Thrones fans, who are still behind on the premiere, don’t worry: you won’t find any spoilers ahead. According to TIME magazine, plenty of fans, stealing their parents’ HBO Go passwords, are yet to catch up after being left hanging by the dreaded Fatal Error message that Go presented on Sunday night in lieu of a Thrones episode. This is a repeat of the situation from a month ago, when Go crashed during the True Detective season finale. At least the person manning the HBO twitter was having fun with the whole debacle.

The premiere debuted at 9 p.m. EST, and many problems were reportedly fixed just an hour later, but social media was still filled with complaints, as fans clamored to see the aftermath of the shocking climax of season 3. After the Red Wedding, we are yet to see how the remaining members of the Stark clan will survive and rebuild – though the trailers have been pointing to revenge as one of the major themes of season 4.

 Charles Dance, Game of Thrones Still
Don't pirate Game of Thrones, Tywin Lannister is watching you.

As for the HBO Go issue, it sounds like we might have found another reason for Thrones’ status as the most pirated TV series of 2013. 

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