‘Game of Thrones’ have launched a mock election campaign in the run up to this year’s Emmy Awards and the release of season six on DVD. The mock campaign sees the show rivalling the GOP with it’s GOT Party and list of candidates for fans to chose from.

The campaign has its own dedicated website where fans can vote for their chosen leader. In the running are, Daenerys Targaryen with Tyrion Lannister as her running mate, Jon Snow with Lyanna Mormont, Cersei Lannister with Qyburn and Petyr Baelish, who shares a ticket with Sansa Stark.

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A message on the site reads: “From the Reach to the Stormlands, the Wall to the Arbor - we, the GOT, demand new choices in leadership. The candidates have called their banners. Cast your vote to pick your side in the great wars to come.

“Visit the site daily during the month of August to cast your vote for the GOT Party candidate. On Sept. 1st, 2016, we will unveil the official Party nominee and running mate.” Currently leading the vote is Jon Snow, who promises to rebuild the night’s watch and protect the inheritance rights of illegitimate children.

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In second place is Daenerys Targaryen, whose platform includes, freedom for the known world, rebuilding the dragon population, uniting Essos and Westeros, female empowerment and of course, restoring her divine right to the Seven Kingdoms.