Season 4 of Game Of Thrones is due to air on April 17th and the build-up has just begun. Some fans of the show were lucky enough to catch a sneak preview of the first episode at a special event at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn. 

Kit Harrington
Kit Harrington stars in Game of Thrones as Jon Snow.

Thousands of the aforementioned fans were greeted to a preview of the premiere episode and were surprised by the arrival of a number of the show's actors; the writer George R.R. Martin; and a marching band performing the theme song. The Huffington Post reports fans also indulged in "Game of Thrones Beer"; sat on the Iron Throne; and coveted the costumes of some of their favourite characters. 

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The actors who appeared for a special Q&A session included Masie Williams (Arya Stark), John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), Kristian Nairn (Hodor), Sibel Kekilli (Shae) and writer George R.R. Martin. Fans were invited to ask questions and Williams showed just how much she understands her character Arya. When questioned who out of Arya's kill list she felt Arya would take care of first, Williams felt it would be Joffrey. The fan probed further and asked how Arya would likely to it, to which Williams replied: "Stick him with the pointy end! I'm kidding. Arya would kill Joffrey in the most humiliating way possible and sticking him with the pointy end seems like the really easy way out. Something like, when people find him he's in a really embarrassing position, naked. That would be hilarious I think." For anyone who's read the books George R.R. Martin has other plans!

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Although the fans at the Brooklyn Center saw the whole first episode! Sadly the rest of us have to wait another two weeks but in the meantime here are five reasons why we love Game of Thrones...