Review of Her Single by Kissy Sell Out

Kissy Sell Out
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Kissy Sell Out Her Single

Banging tunes, girls wearing next to nothing, hot sweaty bodies everywhere! That is the scene, which Kissy Sell Out belongs to, that would be the dance scene and every now and then there is always a gem that erupts from this scene. Does Kissy Sell Out fit that description?

It has do be said that when something is not in your genre of music, sometimes it is better to call it a day rather than trying to understand it. Her by Kissy Sell Out is most defiantly a perfect example because it really is just jumbled up noises, that sounds like a kid is playing on a keyboard and pressing the demo button then just more random noises. It really is just awful, and there are so many people reading this cringing.

The only decent thing about the whole song is the vocals yet you miss what is being sung because there is so much mismatch going on all around it. No doubt that in all of the nightclubs and on the dance scene this will be great, or maybe not.

Mark Moore

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