Review of Youth Album Album by Kissy Sell Out

Review of Kissy Sell Out's album Youth.

Kissy Sell Out Youth Album Album

Kissy Sell Out hails from Essex, England and has been tipped as one of the most exciting DJ's for 2009 from Mixmag. Having made countless remixes from well known artists such as Groove Armada, Kissy releases his debut album 'Youth' on Marrakesh Records.

Kissy kicks off with 'Through The Leaves' an electro track that the whole album follows this theme. Indeed there much going on and it all seems quite dramatic and uplifting. Daminal Kingdom is on the vocals whose English prose and delivery creates a unique British style. On 'Garden Friends' it kicks in with more electro punch and 'unique' becomes more relevant. Then on to 'Essex Boy' by which time we get the feeling Kissy Sell Out are having a lot of fun and exploring electro influences from Human League, Gary Newman and even The Who especially on 'Bubs N Bubble'. The album continues to journey through the realm of piano riffs, clever drums, reverb, echo and electro from the past and future. It's quite exciting.

I have to say 'Youth' is a stylish and interesting album. It's experimental with a lot of energy and a specific love for electro. The English aplomb created from the vocals could easily create a cult vibe. There's no doubt there's clever stuff coming from the keyboards and production with a definite desire to explore the sounds of electro. That definitely has to respected musically although if you're not a fan of techno and electro I'm not sure you'll get it too much.

Tareck Ghoneim

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