Kiss star Paul Stanley was delighted when he underwent surgery to correct his lifelong ear issues, as it meant he could finally sport a short hairstyle. Recently, Stanley and Gene Simmons fell out over which KISS lineup should perform at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction. 

The rocker suffers from microtia, which has caused deafness and a deformity of his right ear, and the health problem prompted severe childhood trauma as he was constantly stared at by strangers.

The condition affected his confidence so much that Stanley even had sessions with a psychiatrist at the age of 15, and he was overjoyed when researchers finally found a way to alleviate the condition with reconstructive surgery when he was 30.

Stanley tells Mojo magazine, "It was huge, because it had nothing to do with what people see. It's never about what people see, it's about what you know. The fact that I was finally in a situation where the technology and the skill existed to alter something that I had lived with my whole life - and the repercussions of that - was beyond description. The fact that I could cut my hair short or wear it back was enormous. The fact I could be 'normal' was uplifting."

Check out Paul Stanley dropping the rock star act for a day out with his family: