Kiss frontman Paul Stanley is convinced the band will continue long into the future as the original members will eventually retire and hand over to younger replacements.
The rock group's current line-up only includes two of the original founding members - Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons - and the singer believes the time will come when they will both bow out.
However, Stanley hopes new musicians will be able to step into their famous costumes and make-up to continue their legacy.
He tells Britain's Absolute Radio, "Kiss is an ideal. Kiss is about a belief in yourself and preaching the idea of self-empowerment - that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard enough.
"Is that us? No. That is the philosophy of Kiss and those four iconic images that you see on everything - that doesn't have to be me. There is someone out there who is well prepared, I'm sure, to take my place and do it terrifically. The band will outlive us and well should."